A Roulette Guide Using a Points System

A Roulette Guide Using a Points System

A couple of years ago I purchased the Royale Roulette Strategy System at a somewhat discount from Price Ring. I had no previous experience with roulette or craps, and the system was fairly easy to understand. I won some money on the first few days with it, but gave up after I lost a big amount on the first day.

The Royale Roulette System is a progressive betting system that, when used properly, can lead to a substantial return on your initial investment. I was somewhat skeptical about this system at first, but decided to look into it anyways. Here is a brief preview of what the system is about:

  • Bet on black or red, even or odd, 1st, 2nd or 3rd 12 trades
  • Except your color doesn’t come out, you keep betting
  • If red comes in, you bet the same amount as wagered on the color
  • If even comes in, you bet the same amount as wagered on the color
  • If you lose, you double your next bet until you win again
  • You keep betting as long as the color or number remains red or black
  • When either red or black comes in, you double your bet the same amount as your original bet size
  • When your color or number comes in, you bet the same amount as your original bet size

The system is progressive, meaning that as long as you bet the samesystemtip, you will end up with a profit.

I played a long time with this system and I think that the most important things to learn about it is that the bets are progressive. This means that if you bet 5 units on black, and you lose, you must bet 10 units on the next trade. The reason for this is that the odds are not exactly 50-50, and you want to bet enough to give yourself a chance of winning more than you lose.

After I discovered this system, I started to make a lot of money with it. I found that playing the samespotential Dozens system seemed to work well, although I found it a little boring at times. However, once I tired of making money on progressive betting, I changed to a mixed 11-way progression. Instead of betting $5 on black, $10 on red, $11 on even, I now bet $12 on black, $11 on red, $12 on odd, and $1 on even.

By doing so, I have been able to make consistent profits with the mixed 11-way progression. In just over two months, I have won $78,000. Once I got used to the new rules, I was also able to Lower the house edge from 2.78% to just 1.36%.

As I mentioned before, I am not going to give you many secrets, but there are a few things that you should pay attention to. The first is the percentages of the various risks, and your chances of winning. You should place your bets on the smaller end of the spectrum. The higher percentage of “even money” bets will hurt your odds of winning, and the smaller number of options will hurt your chances of losing. Betting on red or black, odd or even, or high or low is generally not recommended.

The second tip is not to worry about a lot of the small payouts. Even though they might sometimes seem small, these amounts will add up quite quickly. Make sure that you do not bet when you are under the influence of alcohol, as it will just confuse your thoughts and you will end up making more mistakes that you normally would not make.

The last tip is not about Dewacasino, but about basic common sense. Many people believe that the house has an advantage over them, but they normally find out that the house has a higher chance of winning than them. If you are making your decisions based off of common sense, you will most likely lose a lot of money.