How to Pick Winning Lotto Numbers

How to Pick Winning Lotto Numbers

How to pick winning lotto numbers? Good question. And, anyone that answer can be right. Winning the lotto each week may not be possible but you can certainly put the odds on your side, and be financially secure.

Now, when people think of winning the lotto each week they immediately think of some great system they have bought or they have picked numbers that they believe will win. Sometimes they even use their favorite numbers. But if you were really successful would you not keep looking?

Of course you would keep looking at winning lotto numbers. But, what are some other ways to increase your chances of winning? Here are some tips on how to pick winning lotto numbers that might just surprise you.

Rummaging through years of statistics

The first way to look at improving your chances of winning lotto is to rummaging through the years of previous draws and picking out all the draws where you think that the numbers are most likely to have come up. This can be a little manual task as you have to go back and fill in the corresponding squares in your play slip, but you will it easier if you use the lotto computer software.

In using the lotto computer software you simply enter the date of the draw, choice the draw you are going to play and then enter the draw number. The software will then go through the previous draws and give you a statistical spread of numbers that it believes are most likely to come up in the next draw. Of course it is dependent on the actual outcome of the draw, but this is generally a good initial step.

Bringing situations to your attention

A number of people use birth dates, anniversaries and other dates important to them as winning numbers. It happens when you first start playing DewaGG and many first time players think that they will be more likely to win if they use these numbers. But, this strategy is not advisable. Why? Well, the dates only cover a part of the year, hence there are only twelve months in a year. Thus, twelve numbers are only three sets and there are still nine numbers left. The least nine numbers are more than three sets and most are not even three sets. The chances of them coming up again are about nine times.

So, by using this method, you have less than 9 months of numbers to cover and your chances of winning the big prize are about 45% which may not sound like such a big prize, but when you are playing in the millions of Euro millions each week, 45% can make you a fortune.

Dual or quad wheels

You can also use the wheeling system on the outside as well. Indeed, you can buy roulette wheels that have extra pockets on them for more numbers. This is not legal in most of Europe and the USA. However, many people do it and the thought of cheating the house is very tempting.