Lotto Max News - Ticket Sales and Payouts From the First draw

Lotto Max News – Ticket Sales and Payouts From the First draw

The first draw of the Lotto Max game received mixed opinions from ticket buyers. While some thought that the game would definitely increase sales, others thought that it was just hype. As the game has not yet been launched, we can only report on ticket sales so far.

At the time of the first draw, Lotto Max tickets were available to members of The Super Cash lump sum offer. On a total of 6 separate days, 8 million unique people were able to participate in the draw. This gave rise to a total of 26 million unique ticket buyers. The odds of winning the jackpot were a staggering 1-in-5, Hannah Hope being the sole winner.

As the first draw of the game was not as widely advertised as the second draw, the winners of the first draw were mostly enthusiasts and acquaintances of the production staff. With a huge sum of money up for the taking, many thought that the odds would be more in the latter draw. At this time, the Powerball jackpot had not yet been won.

Powerball was soon followed by Lotto Max and on April 11, 2009, tickets were distributed to Canadian residents. On February 17, 2010, tickets became available to the public in the United States. On February 19, 2010, the screams of joy and anticipation of lottery jackpots were heard across the country and world. On March 10, 2010, the final numbers were drawn and the Lotto Max jackpot was won. Super Cash, the Bet multi-state lottery was launched on the same day.

Now that the world knows about lottery jackpots, many are trying to get similar wins in the Lotto Max game. On March 27, 2010, tickets were sold in British Columbia, Canada; today that draw has become the model for all other Canadian lotteries. Twenty-seven million Canadians participated in the game and the result was 90% success. The other version of the game, Lotto Super 7, began on the same day as the Canadian Lotto Max. Twenty-seven percent of the lottery pot was then won by the Super 7. This would make any player an instant millionaire!

On April 11, 2009, a player from Kenora, Ontario won the Lotto Max jackpot of $1.6 million. This is the largest Lotto Max jackpot in the history of lottery games. That same day, a ticket holder from New York won the Raffle Super 7 jackpot of $3.1 million. This four-day lottery draw is now the biggest non-jackpot lottery in New York State.

The second largest jackpot that was claimed was $1.1. Million dollars was claimed on July 29, 2009 by a ticket holder in the illustrations. This is the second largest prize ever won in the history of Lotto Max. On this date, the ticket was sold in the Distross USA business as a subscribed member. Furthermore, it was purchased from Bonne Chance Sportsbook.

Ultimate guaranty of winning the jackpot is when the user enters the winning lottery number into the New York Super Cash lottery number wheel on the dated Wednesday or Saturday. However, there are some cases where people tend to choose their own number. On the other hand, the New York Super Cash lottery number limits are pretty flexible. Therefore, you can always use your wheel to get the winning combination. The New York Super Cash offers various game variations. These include Mega Millions, Sweet Million, Play it Poker88, and Win for Life. Therefore, you can also find jackpot lotteries especially enjoying the New York toy. You can still try your luck and have better chances of winning by picking your own number on the New York Super Cash lottery.