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The Best Bet Ever

The Best Bet Ever

I experienced the best bet ever around 1970 for a few years… other than a fixed game. I don’t know why it happened, but it did. The game was $50-$1 Texas Holdem. It was the first time I had ever placed a bet over $1, and my opponent bet $10. The flop was T-7-4, and my opponent bets $5. I call. On the turn I get 2 pair, and my opponent gets all high. What a draw! I had top pair, and he had the best hand. It was a $50-$1 shot. I won and doubled, then lost everything. What a sucker I was!

In the years that followed, I experienced many suck outs. One tail, one heart. I even told people that I single handily decided to become a professional poker player. At first I thought it was a great idea. Then, the hobby broke my bank. Not a lot of people have that chance.

Sitting at a pokerace99 table alone, sometimes can be very depressing. You get self entitled and expect to get paid. Well, sometimes I expect to get paid. I wasn’t paid. I got slammed for two years after that. I thought I was a great guy with great instincts. I lost every major bet I had. And I never bet again.

Credit card companies are very generous with credits. If you qualify for a card, you get the money instantly. However, you usually have to play a minimum number of raked hands before the bonus comes out. I thought I knew what I was doing. I problem occurs when I would go 2 or 3 rounds with a reload bonus. I’d win 1 or 2 units for 1 or $2 play. I’d lose the rest of the money to the house.

One Sunday morning I woke up and checked my emails. There was a message from Neteller saying I qualify for a $25 payment bonus. It was an automatic transfer to my bank account. I tried to write a letter to the casino, but my computer was bandits. I left work and started gambling. I went to the casino and deposited $20 cash to play. I was immediately dealt a pocket pair of Q’s. I didn’t have much of a strategy for these cards. I doubt my opponent ever does.

So I’m broke. I go back to the only game I know how to play- blackjack. I use the time to check my stats. I’m on a losing streak. I start playing at higher limits. I win for a while. I break even for a while. Then I start to lose. At this point, I’m broke again. I figure the higher limits are due to my skills. I back off and try to fight off the sleep. I get another drink. I’m still half asleep. I’m wide awake and concentrating so I put in another coin. I get another blackjack. This time, I’m a big winner.

I leave the casino and start driving back to starve town. I never make it to starving town without a meal.

I should have quit when I was ahead. Should have quit when I was losing. You should only quit when you are winning. It’s garage game time. Do not ever quit when you are in the money. Never quit when you are behind.